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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Nov 15, 2007 2:39am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: so who listens to nothin' but dead

dire -
that was one of the most profound posts I've ever read on this forum.

noisecollector made some good points too.

me meself and I like many different bands, eras, and I've even checked out one of Noisecollectors' many links to one of his own productions where I gave a positive review.

But I can't endorse listening to nothin' but Noisecollector
- in all fairness advertising these days gets harder and harder.
Self promotion is a lot of spraying the same roaches over and over in hopes you'll eventually wipe em out (in a good way).

Consumers are just so impervious these days to a single attempt to interest them in a product...

and it's even harder to keep them there once you've given them a taste.

They tend to go back to the same old cubby hole they've known and grown used to...

sugaree, sugaree...

if had a bunch of ads, pop-ups and splam dings n dongs, I'd be so out of here.

It's one of the last refuges away from the "spray".

don't bug me man!

actually, my first few posts from like 3 years ago were attempts to interest people in buying the original Grateful Dead top-amps I got from Cyril Jordan who got them from Leo's Music who said he got them from the Dead.

Owsley begged to differ.

I was fishing for confirmation from ____heads.

Who at first replied that my posts smelled of commerce, that the forum wasn't ebay.

So I responded with some broadsides that cut through the flaw in the GD historical perspective from a wavy gravy - Edgar Poe wanna-be stream of vitriol.

Diana Hamilton came to the rescue, and some of the forumites actually liked my warped hippie stoner spirit.

I gradually got a few positive responses and reaslized that ____heads were not all just a bunch of mindless tie-died whirling dirvishes who didn't have a clue that the GD actually did some of their best stuff in 1968...

and good heavens, some knew that there was some really good stuff by the GD from as early as 1967 (October 22, 1967 ok?) and that 1966 even had a few choice moments to offer.

And, as yin yang would have it, they - you all - managed to turn my head on to stuff I never previously thought worth my time - tapes of GD (+ friends) shows from later than 1970.

Even as late as 1980, or later, I've been pleasantly surprised, thanks to an interest in looking deeper, or past the "cover" - the hard core shell -

such as with that punk direwolf gave a second chance to...
or noisecollector, who swamped us at first with toots from his own horn, or spray from his own can if you will.

God save The Kinks!

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